Cocktail Menu

Make the transition from ceremony to celebration fantastic with our cocktail music concoctions!

House Mix.  Our special blend with a bit of everything--
a client favorite that works well with quartet, trio and duo!

The Mojito.  Light and breezy with a latin flair-- rhumbas, tangos, and Cuban classics combine for an energetic evening. Quartet only.

The Bellini.  A classic with an old soul-- light classical music favorites bring a lush sound and timeless beauty to the night.

The Cosmopolitan.   So vintage it's modern. Cole Porter and Gershwin mix with Sinatra. Laid back and smooth, start to finish.*

Naples On The Rocks.  Classic and new rock and pop songs are delivered in style -- from Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Coldplay.*

* best served with quartet or trio

(Is it possible that we have that much music?  Click here to see for yourself!)