Yes! The Vanderbilt Strings group is a responsible vendor insured with full liability insurance for your peace of mind and protection.

It's not so much a question of volume, but a question about the richness of sound. If you love the sound of a string quartet, then that's your best bet. When you remove instruments, you remove layers of sound.


Though we encourage clients to enjoy the fullest sound they can afford, we do live in Naples, where quiet, intimate beach weddings happen as often as the sun sets, and these intimate ceremonies are often accompanied with intimate numbers of musicians, too!


If you're not sure what size of group to go with for your event, let us know. We're happy to help you decide what ensemble suits your ceremony best.

To begin at the beginning: We recommend first narrowing down what piece or style you imagine hearing as you walk down the aisle. Your processional is, after all, the most important piece of music of the day! From this starting point we can easily help you to tailor the remaining selections to give your ceremony a nice flow.

We also provide all our clients with an online ceremony music form, listing many of our recommendations for music at all points of the ceremony. You can choose pieces from this list or even submit your own choices there.

If you would like even more ideas for ceremony choices, remember-- the internet is a marvelous resource. You can search for ceremony music online and find lists of music and recordings galore.

Yes! We have a fantastic and ever-changing music library, and we are confident that we have something you'd like to hear on your special day. If there is a song that is special to you but not on our extensive list, let us know. There may be a fee to have this music arranged, but this day is all about showcasing what matters to you, so let us help you to make it happen!


We also provide our clients with an online ceremony music form listing recommendations for music at all points of the ceremony. You can choose pieces from this list or submit your own ideas there.

All good things take time! We recommend that you cozy up with your significant other a few months before the wedding, grab a glass of wine and have a good time listening to and choosing your ceremony music. You'll be glad you did.

It is not necessary for us to be present at your rehearsal.


Thanks to our years of wedding performances we are well skilled in knowing exactly how to pace the music flawlessly at your ceremony without awkward gaps or abrupt endings. A quick conversation with your officiant or wedding coordinator before the ceremony begins is all that is required to have the information we need.